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Android developers now have page dedicated to their apps in the Play Store


The shop’s Android application born with the name Android Market, but was later renamed Play Store in an attempt to go beyond the little robot system to bring not only apps, but games, books, movies, magazines and music. Currently, the store already has millions of registered applications, ready to be downloaded. It is organized by category, making it simple to find exactly the application you need, that one of your friends use or just to add great features for your smartphone or tablet.

Google dominates the market with the search system more used in the world, which was already expected to be the same engine found in other services such as the Play Store. However, not always in search for a specific application is an easy task. We often find a very interesting solution for a particular developer and we were curious to check other works of the same. At the end of each app page, are displayed some other options, but everything seems to be arranged randomly.


During the Google I / O 2015, the Mountain View giant showed a big change in this regard. As can be seen in the images above, now developers can have a dedicated page within the Play Store. This allows each to choose a jacket picture, a central icon and how their apps will be organized for system users. To access this new, you just need to scroll to the end of some app page and find a link to the developer’s page (by clicking on the ‘more’ button).

This news will be very welcome for Android devs who can now count on a place of his own within the huge app store. When the same wish to share their work, all you need to do is just pass the link to your page. By default, the six major applications of that dev will appear, but clicking on the ‘more’ option will display all he has registered in the store. In the case of Google, will be listed all 80 enterprise applications available for Android.


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