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Google launches tool to invite friends to test new apps on Android and iOS

Google debuted a new product called “App Invites” which aims to help mobile application developers to grow their implementation of user base. Still in beta for iOS and Android, App Invites includes a set of standardized tools for sending app either by SMS or email, highlighting recommended contacts, creating personalized experiences for new users, and measuring success in the search for new users through custom reports.

The toolkit comes at a time when a number of mobile application developers, especially in the messaging segment, have a way of entering into long with new clients in order to help users find friends already in this type of service as well as others who wish to invite others to join them. With the new Google app, mobile developers would have an easier way to design reference flows and disclosure of your app.

App Invites goes beyond offering users a simple contact list to invite others to test the application. He’s a smart service that can actually analyze what the preferred method of delivery for these invitations. The tool can only recommend users coming from you, since according to Google, your suggestions are based on the interactions between the sender and contacts through the business applications, such as Gmail and Hangouts.

Invitations can be sent via SMS or e-mails including the button “install” right in the message body. On Android, the installation process is even easier – users can click “Invite App” and can immediately download the Google Play Store app without having to go through a previously browser.

In addition, developers can include links to specific pages in your application as part of this referral process. This allows users to do things like share a discount code with a friend, for example. Other testers including The CW and Urban Sitter, are using the depth of resources to make the experience more personal, too.

For example, The CW allows users to share their favorite programs with selected friends, and is integrating the resource in their function to disclose episodes. Thus users will be able to tell their friends what your favorite episode or series that are enjoying in the moment without having to leave pasting links in apps messages.

The ability to make these more personal invitations is one of the best features of the new product. In the past, make calls by SMS and e-mail went the feeling that users were being bombarded by spam when they receive unwanted messages. With the App Invites, developers can have a more clean and honest way to advertise your product without irritating users with such an invasion.

After the set standing tool, developers can measure the effectiveness of communication of its app using custom reports from Google Analytics. A variety of form of graphs in reports are available in an online control panel. Here, developers can control how many invitations were sent, accepted, completed, as well as when, where, and when those invitations platforms were shared or led to completed conversions.

The new product is part of the new additions to Google Services 7.5 released this week by the Mountain View giant, and is now available in beta for any interested developer. The App Invites provides sample code and detailed instructions on setting up the system on both iOS and Android applications on the developer’s site.

Facebook announced at F8 developer conference this year is testing something similar. Similarly, Facebook app will invite users to share personalized messages – but in the case of Facebook, will use pictures generated by users, product images (as in commercial applications) or even screenshots games. Facebook also recommends using the option “share with”, based on the likelihood that the person will install the application on your device. However, the Facebook system is designed to work within the social network – while Invites App allows you to send invitations through push notifications through sending via SMS or email.


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