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Nvidia launches AndroidWorks tool that promises to facilitate the development of games


Nvidia currently has the most powerful chipset for the mobile market oriented games. The Tegra X1 promises to deliver performance in terms of current consoles, but Android does not have advanced degrees who really can take advantage of this potential. Thinking of expanding the gaming industry on mobile devices, Nvidia has announced a suite of tools called AndroidWorks aimed not only exploit the power of Tegra, but also bring revolutionary games for any type of hardware.

Nvidia always came launching technologies to improve the development of games for PCs. Now the company wants to do the same with smartphones and tablets. With AndroidWorks will be much easier to develop new titles for Android. The devs will have a number of libraries that will allow not only facilitate the development of games, but also cause them to get the most out of each hardware. Nvidia has conducted tests on devices from other companies like ASUS Memopad and also the Nexus Player of Google, succeeding in both.

The most interesting part of all, is that Nvidia also added full compatibility with Microsoft Studio Vistual, facilitating the development of games both on Linux and Windows. The creator of the GeForce line also will provide constant updates to your tool, waiting for the news to be adopted by a large number of devs who want to turn Android into a major platform mobile games.

This novelty is not only interesting for developers and players, but especially for Nvidia that seeks to consolidate its space in the mobile market as the PC business continues in steady decline. If the future of gaming is in the hands of Android, still we do not know, but Nvidia believes that this is the best way forward at this time. Below you can see all devices that are compatible with the company’s tool:

S T800 Galaxy Tab (Android 4.4.2, ARM)
Nexus 7 2013 (Android 5.1.1, ARM)
Nexus 6 (Android 5.1, ARM)
Huawei CL-10 (Android 4.4, ARM)
ASUS Memopad (x86)
Google Nexus Android TV Player (x86)
All NVIDIA SHIELD line with Android and Android TV (Android TV, ARM 64-bit)
More devices will be tested soon by the company, increasing this compatibility list. Who is game developer and are interested in writing to attend the AndroidWorks, just check the page dedicated  to the project on the Nvidia website.


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