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After two years exclusively in Japan, Final Fantasy Tactics reaches Play Store


It took about two years for the Japanese solve stop holding exclusivity in the Market Square Enix one of the most anticipated games by users Android Final Fantasy fans around the world. And no wonder it is celebrated landing the Play Store. Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War, originally released in 1997 for PSP, was a remake of Final Fantasy Tactics, which produced some innovations and entered along with the characters from the original.

The success was overwhelming among PlayStation users, with more than 2.4 million sales worldwide. The game including new animations, character classes, cooperative multiplayer and PvP. Now, even without knowing the reason for such delay – and not care anymore – the game comes to all concerned in the Google store.

The game’s story which was known by the Tactics fans, earned some news on the remastered version for PSP. Players must fight through Beoulve Ranza, commanding the armies of Ivalice Alliance. The graphical part was also much more attractive and, now on Android, adds all ring resources on the screen. Players can, for example, approach or move away from the scene of action with zoom or rotate the map at will.

Este slideshow necessita de JavaScript.

Fans of the franchise can now install on their devices the Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War for Android, but I know in advance that the game is costing R $ 35.65 in the Play Store.


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