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Apple should update its own infrastructure to support streaming music service

Apple should radically upgrade their own infrastructure data in the cloud to remain stable when launching the Apple Music music service for streaming, as reported by Bloomberg in a report released on Monday (8). The company must invest in their own servers so that the service remains online and seamlessly for users without having to resort to third party companies so that everything is working. The report states that it will create new centers that will use optical fiber in California, Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon.

It is expected to pass the company to use the technology itself, but not completely eliminate the use of support from other companies. According to Bloomberg, Apple will maintain kit already used by existing third parties, but keep the focus increasingly to use your own equipment, since it expands usability.

Adopting the same approach companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, Apple should also build its own lines of high-speed fiber between the data centers, thus increasing the bandwidth – and hence the efficiency by servers. This could also indicate improvements in the service offered by Apple TV.

This, in fact, would be very helpful if Apple really want to compete with an online TV service, as informs Steve Garrison, vice president of marketing for Pica8 company, a networking company. With this, the software can adapt to unexpected spikes or declines in audience in minutes, without that everything is done manually.


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