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As the clock helped us develop mobile


If today we live in a time where the latest news of the moment is the smartwatch, becomes ironic that this same invention, the clock was probably one of the most important achievements of human history and a great way to judge the entry of man in modern period. Many people seem to be frightened by the idea that time is an “invention” human, that although surely have the purpose of measuring a phenomenon we observe as natural, which is the sequence of actions which we live, has not yet mechanized and tamed by man.

As well as telephones, mechanical clocks began as huge objects that could not be used personally. With the development and popularization of this technology, the clock began to be miniaturized increasingly becoming what we know today and paving the way for miniaturization of different devices.

It was thanks to the time it invented the idea of ​​metrics and measurement, resulting in practically all scientific and technological development of mankind. The video below, called “A Briefer History of Time” (Adam Westbrook) is a little short that shows the influence of the mechanical clock in a simple way, and how his invention, the eventual domestication of the temporal dimension has made us able to produce today days fantastic gadgets like cell phones and smartwatches.


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