Baidu is expected to launch smart card market

id129490The technology industry is always advancing and inventing new things. The internet of things is making all our appliances on devices with internet connection. With the arrival of smatwatches, the industry realized that several accessories that we use on a daily basis could be exploited in the same direction, hence was born the smart card, developed by the same company Baidu.

The Smartwallet was patented this week for the Chinese company, the idea is not to repeat what Google and Apple did with their virtual wallets. Here we have a physical product with smart features, in order to increase your security. The idea, besides being a product with a luxurious design, is to have a built-in GPS in the portfolio that is connected to an application on the phone or in the person’s home. In case of theft it can do the portfolio to destroy, releasing a dye which aims to dispose of their credit cards.

Other patented technologies for the product were biometric readers and electronic locks, ensuring that only the owner is able to open such a portfolio. The measures seem interesting, and certainly protect the portfolio of robberies, especially those committed in large urban centers while people are distracted.

Moreover, the idea of ​​creating an intelligent portfolio as a luxury product, hiring famous brands and designers to launch their models, seems to work fine with the same market where people are willing to pay ten thousand dollars for an Apple Watch another . If it worked with watches, why not give portfolios with?


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