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Google Chrome for Android gets ‘quick answers to quick questions’

Google is always looking for the improvement of their tools. Although the online browser most used worldwide, the Mountain View giant always prepares new ways to please their customers. This time, the team of programmers from the US company has created a utility able to reduce, and the time we spend to search on a specific topic. Quick answers to


Animated image shows the functionality quick answers to quick questions that will arrive soon to Google Chrome

As you can see in the GIF above, Google Chrome is even smarter as they can answer us any questions based on page context, rather than search for the term ‘to the letter’. An algorithm is in charge of analyzing the text in which the topic is sought, so using the crawler’s own US company to provide fast and easy information without user require a single word. Simply select the passage in question and use the bottom bar, which appears automatically be redirected to the results.

Who know more than ‘America’ when in a blog that talks about the film from Marvel? Quick answers to quick questions directs you exactly to pages that relate the feature film Captain America, instead of displaying content that tells the story of our continent. Work the same way if the connection is made with ‘Civil War’, for example, the same thing happens, offering links next film Steve Rogers, whose premiere is scheduled for May 6 in the United States. It’s a smart way to find out news with Google.

Quick answers to quick questions come to Chrome for Android in the coming days, as the Asian language support must be added next. Like Google used his own blog to reveal the existence of utility, and not in a post on Google+ as often happens, it is believed that ‘the coming days’ really a short period of time. Unfortunately, there is no specific date or forecast premiere on other platforms, so let’s wait for the implementation in the little robot to try the new tool.

quick questions, or quick answers to quick questions, in literal translation, basically delivers what the name implies, sending ‘in the can’ we need to know about this subject:


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