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Huawei breaks record and reaches 10 million sales worldwide

Huawei is one of the largest handset manufacturers worldwide, but its popularity has only remained in his native China. However, the Asian company invested heavily in its international structure, enabling the achievement of a remarkable record by the Eastern company. According to the giant of Asia, 10 million units of its handsets were sold around the world in just one month, freeing the Chinese territory’s position as the only place where such an amount was sold. Seizing the moment, an even more impressive target was set.


Huawei Ascend Mate7 was launched in 2014 and served as a strong impetus for international sales of Chinese using the biometric sensor and the generous list of technical specifications as attractive
In his official profile on Weibo, one of the largest social networks in Asia, Huawei revealed the exciting news of the 10 million copies that came out of stores overseas last month, but took the opportunity to integrate the goal of reaching 100 million devices commercialized in 2015. That is, the Chinese company aims to further brand presence outside China, an essential factor for the physical expansion of its operations to other economies such as Xiaomi is doing in India, for example. The pitch is great, but the hope is guarded by the management team of the Chinese company.

Huawei, in fact, created some interesting products between 2014 and 2015, focusing on its own manufacturing processor, Kirin, to provide outstanding performance to the devices, which still had technical specifications elite and the operating system from Google, Android, to further facilitate interaction between the user and the electronic. Including the eastern brand managed in an exemplary way, use a fingerprint reader on the back of Mate7, phablet publicly debuted with cutting-edge components last year.


Huawei P8, por sua vez, é o mais novo flagship da empresa asiática, possuindo componentes de elite

Atualmente, o modelo mais poderoso da companhia é o Huawei P8, que desembarcou recentemente nos Estados Unidos para bater de frente com a Apple e companhia, usando uma estrutura feita inteiramente em metal e diversas ferramentas para a fotografia, possuindo uma bagagem potente para enfrentar iPhones e Galaxies. Talvez a única parte negativa da mais nova investida da chinesa seja o preço cobrado, imitando gigantes do mercado de telefonia móvel chegar em quase US$ 600. Será que a empresa realmente consegue chegar aos 100 milhões de exemplares planejados? Só no final de 2015 poderemos saber.


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