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Galaxy S6 Edge “Iron Man Edition” is sold for $ 91 000 in China

Samsung recently announced the launch of a special edition of Galaxy S6 Edge thematized according to Iron Man, one of the most charismatic characters in the Marvel Universe Film. Since then, we have seen that the first device buyers began trying to resell it through eBay for really high values, reaching the ceiling of $ 4,500 in some cases.

If you think this is absurd, you might want to review your concepts. Chinese online store held an auction of 66 of the device number editing, achieving a maximum bid of incredible US $ 91,000, or something around R $ 284 thousand in direct conversion, excluding taxes present in our country. It is worth noting that this goes beyond the device actually has only a thousand units available for sale around the world and count on a characterization of a superhero with a legion of fans. According to information, the number six is ​​lucky in Chinese culture, just 66 means something like “double luck”, which further increased the interest in the product.

We should point out that in official stores the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition sells for “only” US $ 1,079, which is a high value, but goes further than is being paid by some users. This probably is not being well regarded by Samsung as the price is the most charged by dealers not passed on to the manufacturer, thereby making your profit is always the same with each device sold as stores get a lot more than that .

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition in partnership with Marvel
No information about the device’s arrival in our country, being quite likely that he would never be seen here of official way. Still, this may even be a relief to certain users, since very few people would have “courage” enough to pay the amount that would be charged here of official way, or much less by dealers.

For anyone who was interested in this custom template, you might want to look at the new version of Moto X 2014 launched by Motorola in Brazil recently because its emphasis on red and golden details may well “cheat” as a customized edition Iron Man.

And you, would pay the price of a small apartment in a Galaxy S6 Edge with paintings in gold and red? Believes that the user to purchase the product in China should really feel lucky with their choice? Give us your comment below!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is available in Cissa Magazine by R $ 3,200 and Magazine Luiza by R $ 3,392. The value for money is good and this is the best model in this price range. To see the other 30 offers click here.


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