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Nikola Case: hood allows extend your phone’s battery via radio frequency waves

Did you know that much of the power of your battery is lost with radio frequency signals from your smartphone? Either by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, or even 4G connection, most of the energy used in the transfer of data is lost. But what if it were possible to reclaim this lost energy in any way? This is where a new project on Kickstarter that aims to prolong the battery of your iPhone or Galaxy S6 6 through a special case that in addition to protecting, can capture the wasted energy and send back to the battery in your smartphone.

Those responsible for this feat are engineers Nikola Labs, the same who created the design Nikola Tesla, focusing on developing wireless charging batteries. With this new case composed of a built-in DC charger, you can prolong the battery from your smartphone by up to 40%. Not to mention that it helps as well protect your cell, come in five color options: white with golden, white with gray, black with gray, black with gold and red with gray.

As can be seen in the picture above, she ends up leaving your bulkiest smartphone, but not as much as those that bring extra battery, as ZeroLemon. The news will reach the market in early 2016, if the goal of $ 135,000 is reached before the 39 remaining days of the campaign terminate. Those interested in helping the project and has already let your Case Nikola reserved, you will need a $ 99 investment (approximately US $ 310 in direct conversion at current price).


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