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YouTube Gamming is developing an API for feedback control

Google has officially announced its new streaming service focusing on games broadcasts, YouTube Gaming. In a section of questions and answers with the press about after the news announcement, YouTube said it is now seeking to build a chat API to help content creators to better manage the comments of the LiveStream.

This time the delay may livestreamers live chats for up to 90 seconds, but for those who play during transmission can be somewhat difficult to manage drawbacks messages as spam or inappropriate remarks. Such practices could disrupt the experience of other users.

Google said that “what you saw today is a great start,” and assured that there will definitely be much more to come, adding that the chat is “a big part of our culture.” This means that this feature will receive close attention from the company.

For now, YouTube content creators can add moderators to help monitor comments with the ability to “kick” out temporarily users who do not behave properly or completely ban. They can also turn off the chat if necessary.

The interest of Google to create a new chat API can be an opportunity to offer a feature that distinguishes the Twitch rival. Although the games streaming service is no longer in business, your chat based on IRC can be for many users somewhat confused.

YouTube Gaming has its release date scheduled for the coming months, although it is not known if the company will already have developed your chat API until this deadline.


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