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Intel launches Remote Keyboard application that lets you control Windows computers

If you have a mini PC Intel NUC or even a Compute Stick company and need a mobile to control your Windows computer, Intel has the ideal solution. In a perfect marriage between Android and Microsoft’s system, Intel released a new app in the Play Store that allows users little robot system can use their smartphones or tablets as a keyboard or even a touchpad.

To do this, you must rely on a PC running Windows 8.1 and pair your smartphone with your computer using the QR code reader found in the free app Intel Remote Keyboard. Just point the camera of your mobile device to the screen of your PC and ready. All the magic happens so you can make the control equipment. The most interesting part is that you can use the commands via Windows gestures – something that was difficult for those who did not have a PC with touch screen.

The Intel Computer Stick is the same size Google chromecast, as can be seen in the image at first. It features HDMI standard size that can be connected to monitors, projectors and TVs, bringing all of the Windows experience in a much more compact, practical and efficient. When released, Intel realized that often people did not have a keyboard or mouse around to use Windows on their TVs. Now, with the application for Android, all that was simpler, since we always have a smartphone around.

The Compute Stick Intel costs on average US $ 170 (approximately R $ 570 in direct conversion and without taxes). However, the application is available in the Play Store and can be used with other devices that run Windows 8.1. The novelty is compatible with any device with Android 4.0 or higher.


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