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Will test the Apple Music by 3 months free? Learn how not to be charged after the period

After much controversy involving from singer Taylor Swift, dissatisfied with the failure to pay the gratuity period, up to regulators investigating the movements of Apple and its contracts with record companies, finally the Apple Music was launched in 100 countries, including Brazil.

And as the company offers three free months to test the service, it’s time for interested join at no cost, and verify that the service really worth it after all these problems faced by the company. Promises, we have many – the company says that music fans will find new ways to connect to favorite artists and Beats Radio 1 has big names to command schedules such as Elton John and Dr. Dre.

Users waiting to test the service should keep in mind that the normal values ​​are charged in US dollars, ie an international credit card, even to make the register and start using free now be necessary. After three months of experimentation, the amount charged will be $ 5 per month for a monthly person and $ 8 at the family level.

Clarified this, the only question one can have at the moment is: how to not be charged after the gratuity period?

The service updates the contract on a monthly schedule, just like any other. So, so finalize three months, you will already be using paid services, normally, and the values ​​will be sent to your invoice. So it is good that you know how to disable the automatic renewal. The tip is the Mac Magazine.

On iOS

Access the Settings and go to the iTunes Store and App Store.
Select your Apple ID and “View Apple ID.”
Select “Manage” on the “Subscriptions”.
Uncheck “Automatic renewal”

on Mac

Open iTunes.
At the top right, click its name and then “Account Information”.
In the “Settings” area, click “Manage” to direct the “Subscriptions”.
Select “Off” in the “Automatic renewal” and then click “Done”.
Now excited about the Apple Music can now experience the gratuity period with no major concerns or risk of forgetting to cancel the service before the values are charged.

And for those who were worried if they could check out the 1989 album of the singer Taylor Swift, the pop star has already confirmed that it will be available in Apple Music.


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