iPad Pro should be launched alongside iPad mini to the second half

Apple was bombed on rumors of a supposed smart watch, and they ended up coming true. Almost at the same time, the Cupertino company was rumored to target over a new Apple TV to stream content to the TV, and apparently it will also be realized. And, as was to be expected, the rumors about the iPad Pro 12.9 inch can also be realized soon.

A rumor published on the morning of Wednesday, 15, predicts that Apple will release the iPad Pro model with the next generation of iPad mini during Q4 of this year. Both, presumably, they will be assembled exclusively by Foxconn.

And, citing Asian fonts, the Economic Daily News suggests that Apple wants to ensure full attention to your new iPad model, causing the release of the iPad Air 3 is postponed until 2016. It is with this seemingly unlikely scenario that awaited Cases Pro 12.9 inch model, will ultimately be released, breaking for once and for all rumors. However, considering its size, the model must be fit into a smaller than Cases Air market.

If the thing already seems to be quite spicy so far, the rumors also suggest that Apple discontinue its iPad mini line after the launch of the fourth generation, although this information is highly speculative. We have no certainty that Apple will or not discontinue mini model of the iPad after the launch of the new generation, and this time, this seems like a move (delay the iPad Air 3) to see how the smallest model is with the market.

The iPad Pro, as is expected by everyone, can fill a very important gap for Apple. Industry professionals and even journalists probably approve easily the iPad with smaller screen. Ease of time to work, mobility and the iOS 9 multi-window feature may be great attractions of the model.

Other details such as the design specification, however, have not yet been disclosed. But expecting it to be returned to work, it is expected that both the resolution of your screen as their general specifications receive a nice upgrade

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