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This War of Mine is released for Android tablets and iOS

This War of Mine was a very popular game among players in the independent scene, which in recent years has become very popular. Much of famous titles for consoles and computers are indies, and with this popularity the developers also began making adventures for mobile devices. Now this classic will also receive a version for tablets, which will certainly please the fans.

The team behind this fantastic war adventure will let the public mobile impressed with the plot, which is very different from other games of this genre. This time the perspective of the players will be the civil war, and feel the atmosphere on the other side which is little counted in games. The graphics and soundtrack are very helpful in the setting, creating an amazing experience; one can almost feel the vulnerability, hunger and sadness of the characters

That is precisely why it was so successful, often players are used to step into the shoes of the soldiers to shoot and destroy the enemy army. Now you can find out how to be a civilian during times of war.

In the period were developing the first version of the game, the team had to do research on conflicts worldwide. One of the fastest in the survey was about the Siege of Sarajevo, various information gathered was used to develop the plot and game experience.

In the game your character will need to scour environments to seek shelter in places with no signs of soldiers that can capture you. In addition to capture items that can help in their survival. This War of Mine is available for iPad and some Android tablets selected in the first week it can be downloaded for US $ 12.99 in the App Store and Google Play Store, then it will cost US $ 14.99.

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