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Facebook updates its video platform to compete with Youtube


Facebook wants to dethrone YouTube. Although Google service is still the main platform for sharing video and is about to reach 3 billion views this year, Facebook, with a projection of 2 billion views in 2015, closely followed. To beat your rival, the social network Mark Zuckerberg is asking its users to upload your videos to it instead of uploading them to YouTube. Thus, the company can overcome and win the YouTube users spend more time on Facebook instead of other Web pages.

Some users report seeing a small message when they decided to insert a link to a video is on YouTube to your Facebook wall. The message says: “I believe upload your videos directly to Facebook. People like most native video (made for Facebook) and you can track your success page perceptions. ”

According to comScore, Facebook is now the second most popular site to watch, upload and share videos. For this reason, the network also recently launched new tools to compete with YouTube. For example, Facebook just added the ability to restrict access to videos based on sex and age, adding to the options and local and existing language. In addition, the company introduced an option that allows users to upload videos, “secrets” that only users with a special link will see. Users can also determine the due date of a video and retain the same statistics, even after you delete the video. The social network has also launched a video library for page owners can organize and update your videos.

All of these updates and more will be available gradually in the coming weeks on a global level, but Facebook did not give precise date.


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