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Authorities surprised to send e-mail to 75,000 users Popcorn Time

In last Thursday (20/8) some residents of Denmark have been arrested for using Popcorn Time application; many began to be afraid to use a torrent tool after the fact. But this story was apparently not yet been finalized, the authorities of Norway said the platform users that they can wait for an email with a big surprise.

The country’s authorities said they managed to data from nearly 75 000 users who use the service. The Alliance of Rights can legally monitor suspects that contribute to piracy in the country.

Nevertheless, monitor the IP of the people is different to collect names and addresses, then it would be necessary to go to the courts and ask for a release to the judge to get the information. The problem is, what the organization will do with the data collected on 75,000 users using the Popcorn Time in Norway ?.

Despite the arrests that happened and all the information that emerged in recent days, still do not know about the surprise that the authorities are preparing to service users. It’s probably not a good thing.

The Popcorn Time is now available to the public a little less than 18 months, this time has happened all kinds of problems. The service suffered to come mainly in Europe and the United States but continues to be used by the residents of both places.

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