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Uber invests $ 25,000 in the creation of driverless cars


The Uber has partnered with the American University to conduct a research on the use of autonomous cars in their service. The study focuses on key technologies for vehicles that do not require drivers and may be operated by a set of hardware and software. One of the main points of analysis is the constant mapping of the environment around the car.

The information was disclosed to the University of Arizona employees, located near California. The Uber will donate $ 25,000 (89,581 reais at current price) for the division of optical sciences, which is responsible for research mapping surroundings. Thus, autonomous vehicles will be based in Arizona permanently.

As the university is state, the governor of Arizona also spoke about the partnership with Uber, saying that the initiative makes history as marking a great day.

“Our management has been intensely focused on helping companies in the 21st century as Uber increase its importance and succeed in our state, and today’s announcement is the latest sign that this approach has worked. All residents benefit by embracing new technologies – especially when it means new jobs, new economic development, new research opportunities and increased security options and public transportation to our state, “said the governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, in a statement.

This is not the first time the Uber reveals his interest in autonomous cars. The news of the partnership between Uber and the University of Arizona comes shortly after the company hire specialist engineers in robotics at Carnegie Mellon University to create vehicles that do not need drivers. In February this year, Uber announced a partnership with the same university for creating maps and autonomous driving technologies.

More recently, in July, the company said it intends to own a fleet of autonomous cars by 2020 – and it can be formed by vehicles of Tesla Motors. In testing phase, 12 cars the automaker circulate the streets of America.

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