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Hackers who broke into the Chrysler system are hired by Uber

Charlie Miller and Chris Vlasek security researchers were highlighted last month when exposed a security hole in a Jeep Chrysler, after hacking the communication system and get control of the vehicle at a distance.

Hackers were able to control the radio, windshield wipers, and more. Although the duo obviously has not done anything that could endanger Greenberg’s life, the reporter who entered the vehicle to perform the penetration test, the hack gave them the ability to control the entertainment system of the jeep along with steering controls and braking.

Now clear that the skills of the two hackers caught the attention of Uber. As reported by Reuters, both Miller as Vlasek will occupy a place in the company, which will work within the company’s Advanced Technology Center. In Pittsburgh, the very center was the source of some controversy earlier this year after the Uber was behind 40 researchers and scientists at the National Robotics Center of Carnegie Mellon.

The decision makes sense, since the autonomous driving is getting closer to being a reality in our midst, and the Uber not only is on its way to join this revolution, but also makes their movements to ensure that its unmanned cars are Secure and impervious to attack.

Also according to Reuters, the Uber announced on Tuesday a partnership with the University of Arizona, providing grant money to fund research on mapping and security technology to autonomous vehicles that will be tested by Uber in the streets of Tucson, Arizona.

Charlie Miller is a former NSA employee, and made his name over the years through a series of impressive achievements in systems operated from smartphones, desktop operating systems and NFC technologies. The first hack widely reported by Miller was one an SMS vulnerability on iPhone that could allow a malicious hacker could control a device by simply sending a single text message consists of a special character.

Before hiring Uber, Miller spent the last three years working in Twitter as part of his security team.


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